The fuzzy mind of Michael Floyd 

The fuzzy mind of Michael Floyd

I am consistantly amazed and bewilderd by the way my own mind fails work properly. Its proves to be fuzzy time and time agian.

I wonder if this might have anything to do with my consumption various forms of lint?


When ever I need to wake up early, it seems that my soul focus is to find an excuse to stay in bed. I know I set my alarm for 6am for a reason. But when this time eventaully comes, it seems like I was insane for doing so, and that any possible reason for getting out of bed is a deceptive device of the devil try to detour me form the godly work of studing the insides of my eyelids. Setting numerous alarm clocks does not seem to be effective any longer.

Why is it that when you remeber some one that you met a long time as being much more attractive than they are when you see them again? Are they just aging poorly or am I sub-conciously photo-shopping my metal images. I saw a girl that I thought I might know, but couldn;t really place where, when or why she looked completely like someone that I wouldn't know. Eventually I figured out wher eI knew her from, but was astounished that she looked noting lik eI remember her looking like. I don't mind telling you that I had pned over this girl for a bit, and was deeply desturbed that my mental image of what she looked like was so different from what she really looked like. Is it posble I crossed my wires and I was reminising about someone else completely? I doubt it, but it is tha only reasonable explaination other that my mind has grown fuzzy from disuse and could really use a good shave.

I am extremely upset however, beacause I has associated certain songs with this girl, and now dislike them due to their association. I really like these songs, but they remind me of the girl. But sicne I apparently didn't clearly remember the girl that well, I should be able to listen to the songs once again. Alass, the still remind me, of what I have no idea. But their ban from, my Ipod shall continue due to the bitter taste they leave in my mouth.

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