Things that scare me 

Things that scare me



I scare myself. Almost every day. Usually while I am driving. That why I don't watch where I am going, less tramatic that way.

Here are also some things that scare me or that I just don't like.

Little Girls. First and formost. They should get their own horror flick. Sure they look all small and innocent, but what are they always smiling about?

Anything dead. I know no one has ever been attack by somehing dead out side of a poorly moive. Still I dislike anything dead that has not been processed, cooked, or sold on ebay. It's not that I am afriad to die, its that I don't like things that have died sticking around like that guy you met once at a party and wouldn't leave you alone alnight.

That guy you met once at a party and wouldn't leave you alone alnight. What is his problem. Jut cause I cautioned him that there wasn't any toliet paper left doesn't mean I want to go and pick out curtians together.

That guy who avoids you all night at the party. Here I thought we were friends. I mean, he did warn me that there wasn't any toliet paper left. Then I meantion I need new curtains, and he disappears to the other side of the room.


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