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New Balloon Animal Instructions

Hey guys, I posted new instructions for a two balloon motorcyle on the my site.

It can be found at Balloon Motorcycle Instructions

Hope you guys like them. I know it has taken me a long time to post instructions on anything.

Hopefully more will come soon. I think I'll sho everyone how to make a monkey next.


New Balloon Website

HEllo to every one that reads my blog, I would name all of you by name, but it would take a whole three seconds.

Ok, Mbfloyd.com seems to be a bust. It's some how got banned from google and Yahoo. Who know why. Search engines are a mysterious thing.

Thus I am going to attempt to move and revamp the site on one of my other domains.

The basic template is already up at art of twisting balloon animals on my ask-the-monkey domain. I usually use this domain to test scripts I develop on the side, but I think it'll due for a new home for my balloon art intructions.

so check back soon,

My ambition is to put up one new instruction a week. Lets see if I will realy do it, shall we.

The fuzzy mind of Michael Floyd

I am consistantly amazed and bewilderd by the way my own mind fails work properly. Its proves to be fuzzy time and time agian.

I wonder if this might have anything to do with my consumption various forms of lint?


When ever I need to wake up early, it seems that my soul focus is to find an excuse to stay in bed. I know I set my alarm for 6am for a reason. But when this time eventaully comes, it seems like I was insane for doing so, and that any possible reason for getting out of bed is a deceptive device of the devil try to detour me form the godly work of studing the insides of my eyelids. Setting numerous alarm clocks does not seem to be effective any longer.

Why is it that when you remeber some one that you met a long time as being much more attractive than they are when you see them again? Are they just aging poorly or am I sub-conciously photo-shopping my metal images. I saw a girl that I thought I might know, but couldn;t really place where, when or why she looked completely like someone that I wouldn't know. Eventually I figured out wher eI knew her from, but was astounished that she looked noting lik eI remember her looking like. I don't mind telling you that I had pned over this girl for a bit, and was deeply desturbed that my mental image of what she looked like was so different from what she really looked like. Is it posble I crossed my wires and I was reminising about someone else completely? I doubt it, but it is tha only reasonable explaination other that my mind has grown fuzzy from disuse and could really use a good shave.

I am extremely upset however, beacause I has associated certain songs with this girl, and now dislike them due to their association. I really like these songs, but they remind me of the girl. But sicne I apparently didn't clearly remember the girl that well, I should be able to listen to the songs once again. Alass, the still remind me, of what I have no idea. But their ban from, my Ipod shall continue due to the bitter taste they leave in my mouth.

Kroq Inland Invasion 2005

Wow, I went to inland vasion agian this year. you may remember my post about it last time from year ago "all I need is love and cheese".

This year I ditched the cheese and went for the love. It was my first time going to a concert as a BF. It was surprisingly not like going to a concert as a regular guy. Except you have way more fun, cuz you are not looking around for a girl you might know, want to know, or really wish that you knew.

Needless to say, I had a great time.

Wezzer was great, so was 311. Cake should have been on longer, but cuz Oasis stunk up the stage for so long, they could only do a few songs. :(

Its ok, I was really tired anywho.

It all Ends up as Worms

Sorry about never posting any instructions, I know I promised and even admitted to being a filthy liar. But I have been very busy lately. True I probably wouldn't have posted anything if I did have the time, but hey at least I am hoest about it.

Any who, I was over my gal's house (see I'm busy, hey jess) and I saw the balloons I had made for her. Flowers, hearts, the whole sha-bang. I had made them about a month a go, and the air had all but gone out of them. Thus it left them looking alot like earth worms. I can't believe that she still has them. I should make her new ones, but I am just a tad afraid that if I do, she won't throw away the deflated ones and room will slowly be fillrd with "worms". What's a balloon boy to do.

Ok, as soon as I get 10 (ten) comments on this entry I will post new instructions for one balloon animals: cat, pig, rino, or anything else that people resuest. And if you doubt me, you are very perceptive.

Ps. Trying to get back into Google, don't know what happened but my site fell out of the rankings all together. If you have a website please link to my site http://www.mbfloyd.com as "balloon animals", "balloon art", "balloon artist" or just plain "Michael Floyd".

I just may start over with a new domain, but you never know, I might get back in sooner or later.

Teague Chrystie - balloon boy

In the hap-hazard way that surf the internet I tripped over a up and comer balloon twister. Teague Chrystie, reminds me alot of myself. He may be twice as old as I was when I was only half his age, but I can tell that he really know his balloons.

He seems well on his way to the head of the balloon pack, so I figure why not try and get on his good side now.

balloon guy blog

Drity Filthy Liar

Ok, I admit it. I am a liar.

I promised you all balloon instructions and tons of pictures and yet haven't done squat.
It's not that I didn't want to do these things, it just that I was never forced to. :)

But I am a new man. I promise on my 14 year's dog's half pound cancerious lump that I will go into a room with a bag of balloons, a digital camera, and my laptop computer and not come out till I have written some intstuctions, taken some pitures, or figure out what I would rather being doing.

I do want to post more blogs. I have so much to say.

Just one experience that recently happened.

I was twisting balloons at my regualr shift at a resteraunt. When a women approached me and asked to have the money that her daughters had tipped me (the previous weekend) back.

I know. I know.

What make it even worse is that I actually gave it back. Ok sure I am a marshmellow, but I like to look at it like this. At least now I every one knows I am a push over, and Thus I never have to worry about being darfted into Iraq. :)

-Mike the Great ( I figure Alexander had to start the ball rolling some where)

You Want it? You got it !!!

Thanks everyoen for all you complents and comments.

You finally wore me out, and I am going to break down and post a huge pile of insstructions. No really, this tiime I mean it. I really am. Honest.

These are a few the the requests that I am going to write up and post.

Motorcycle, monkey, swords, and hats. Any other requests, post a comment and I'll try to add it to the list.



I'm going to Hawaii for a week. Now please don't cry. I'll be back at the beginning of Novemebr. If your good, I might even bring you back something.

Aloha or however it is spelled.

Balloon Animal Instructions

Ok, I got the itch to post more instructions.

Is there anything in paticular you would lik eto know how to make?

A cat?
A horse?
A henway?

Let me know comment.

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