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Kenneth Rules!!!

I just have to say, Kenneth, you rule. I love reading your comments on zach braff's garden state blog. I hope you lose the weigth. I can't imagine what it must be like for you being 400 pounds and trapped in a pink track suit. I myself am a bit heavy, weight in at 150 pounds. I know thats not as mush as 400 pounds. But I imagine you are a tall guy, while I am a sort of short, standing only 3 feet 39 inches tall.

If you even manage to get the track suit off let me know. My mom's anniversary of the first time she saw elvis at 7-11 is coming up and I thought I could buy it off you. She needs a new car cover.

Send me a copy of your screenplay if ever you get over your writers block. Just an idea, if you need a good villian to fight the confetti man in the last sence, how about a evil squirl with only one arm and an inflamed belly button.

Keep up the good work, you represent man.

Mike the balloon guy.

I am 23

I am now 23.

Starting my 24th jorney around the sun, pondering what it means to be 23, and why I still don't feel my age.

I keep expecting some sort of maturity police to jump out from behind a door and ofically demote be back to junior high school.

I wouldn't mind all that much. I really liked Pizza Fridays,.


Balloon animals and Other things

I started this blog to write and be creative, forgettign that I linked to it from my balloon animals website. lol

I was glad to get the two comments!!! This blog doesn't really have anything to do with balloon animals except for its url and the picture of teh monkey.

I guess I can mix and match here and there.

I posted instrustions on how to make a balloon dog. I know, everyone has instructions on how to make a balloon dog. But I figure I have to start my instructions some where. So I will start out posting the simpe stuff and work up to the more complicated things like the layered eye balls, and the balloon car.

Feel free to post any Ideas for instructions in the comments.

Next on my list is to post instructions for a one balloon cat. I have hundreds of instructions but never took the time to write them down. I will get to them all eventually, as long as I don't hit by a bus.

If you have been hit by a bus and find this comment offensive, it is only a joke. I am not making fun of you. But then again if you were hit by a bus, you probably wouldn't know if people were making fun of you or not.

Nobody comments on my site

Ok, what does a Guy have to write about to get somebody to post comments on his blog.

I really wants to be funny and witty and endear your hearts, but its monday morning, and I am still on weekend time.


Things that scare me



I scare myself. Almost every day. Usually while I am driving. That why I don't watch where I am going, less tramatic that way.

Here are also some things that scare me or that I just don't like.

Little Girls. First and formost. They should get their own horror flick. Sure they look all small and innocent, but what are they always smiling about?

Anything dead. I know no one has ever been attack by somehing dead out side of a poorly moive. Still I dislike anything dead that has not been processed, cooked, or sold on ebay. It's not that I am afriad to die, its that I don't like things that have died sticking around like that guy you met once at a party and wouldn't leave you alone alnight.

That guy you met once at a party and wouldn't leave you alone alnight. What is his problem. Jut cause I cautioned him that there wasn't any toliet paper left doesn't mean I want to go and pick out curtians together.

That guy who avoids you all night at the party. Here I thought we were friends. I mean, he did warn me that there wasn't any toliet paper left. Then I meantion I need new curtains, and he disappears to the other side of the room.


All I need is Love and Chesse

balloon monkey

While at Kroqs Inland Invasion four this weekend I was face with an unusal delema. I only had enough money to buy a buger and a beer. Concert food is extreamely expensive. But they justifiy the cost by providing horrible service. If I had another 50 cents I could get cheese for my burger. So I stood in line contemplating the importance of chesse and beer in my life.

I prioritized everything I felt I couldn't live without and how they corresponded to beer and cheese. I recalled all teh best and worst memmory to try and se what effect beer might have had, and what effect cheese might of had.

I soon relized that I have never been sad while eating cheese and have often been upset while drinking a beer. Thus I came to the conclusion, all I need to be happy is cheese, and love if it comes free with teh meal.

Moved Blog

Hey all,
(although I think no one is reading this yet, soI am probably typing to myslef here)

The blog at the other site didn't allow people to comment without becoming a member. Which I think is wrong. So I picked up and moved my blog here, where you can post a comment whether your a member or not. that show those other guys.

So if anyone is actually reading this, enjoy the new digs.

Mike the balloon boy-dude-man-guy


Let me inroduce myself. My name is Michael Brien Floyd. Hi.

Just a few things before we begin.

First, I know I can't spell or type. Everyone points this out to me like I have never noticed. They tell me of the wonders of spell checkers. Its not that I don;t want to take the time to spell check, it just that I really don't want to take the time to spell check. So what if I type "teh" instead of "the" and use ";" when I should of used " ' ". Everyone knows what I mean, and isn't that the really inportant thing.

Second, I have an unhealthy fasination with balloon animals. I don't know why. Just do. Deal.

Third, I forget what I wanted say.

Forth, I do that alot.

Given this I think we can all get along pretty well. That is if anyone finds this blog and I am not just typing to myself.

Since is really the first posting, second if you count the test, I feel a little free time is deserving. The topic is monkeys who are forced to wear diapers. Disscuss amongst yourselves.


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